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rumor has it.

so let's see. where was i.

i spent most of november and december mooning over derek. then january came and he met me at the airport! and we hugged for like an hour! and then i kissed him! and then we went back to my place and were cute and cuddly for hours. but then! he woke up the next day with cold feet and things died spectacularly. we were friends. then we were friends with benefits. then we were less than friends. and now we don't talk. yeah. i don't know either. but i spent the rest of january and february sleeping around and am currently in the middle of making a zine about it. because...that's what you do? yeah. i don't know either. but then! i had a ~realization~ that living in pacific northwest wasn't working for me so i moved back to tiny town and may become a substitute teacher?

in short, life is chaos. AND I STILL HAVE NOT GONE TO EUROPE SIGH. it's going to happen before i turn twenty-six. this is ridiculous.
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Are you back in Bagdad?

I still have not gone to Europe either (well, as an adult). Let's flee the state and go together and forget about stupid boys for awhile.
yep! back in bagdad, but i may end up back in tucson before too long. we'll see.

and i think this is an excellent idea.