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Tuesday, August 13th, 2013
3:49 pm - goodbye!
hey guys! remember me? i exist on livejournal again! my name is sceriya and i will be adding a lot of you that i think are still active. ha. see you around!

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
8:19 pm
my life has somehow turned into "eh eh [nothing else to say]" by lady gaga.

but on the bright side, i totally have a boyfriend now. oh my goodness, here we go again...

current mood: super rad.

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Thursday, April 21st, 2011
8:28 pm - is it wrong not to always be glad?
i am going to write about the date i went on last night.

so justyn and i met on okcupid. which is...standard for me at this point, but i'm having a good time and trying not to judge myself too harshly. ha. we actually messaged each other at the same time, rambling on about the smiths and e.m. forster. he was hilarious and cerebral and charming and i wanted to meet up with him as soon as possible. unfortunately, i was still in bagdad, and wouldn't be in tucson for another week or so. we chatted and flirted often, sometimes spending hours typing away to each other. it reminded me a little too much of derek, but i was proud of myself for not getting too connected. i am learning, i promise.

our flirting only intensified once i got back to tucson. he confided in me that he hadn't been so excited to hang out with someone in a really long time. we decided on last night to finally meet up, at plush on fourth. i wore my black dress with black flats and pearls. it was very audrey. we are both huge audrey fans. he was late, but he showed up wearing a button-up shirt and red tie. i am a huge fan of button-up shirts with ties and thusly forgave him quickly. he bought me two vodka cranberries, and we sat in a booth talking for an hour and a half about politics, vinyl records, and british tv.

once we had finished our drinks, he suggested a walk around downtown. we walked from fourth to the club congress area of town, talking all the way. we circled back around toward fourth after a while. as we waited for the light to change on a street corner, he grabbed my hand. we held hands as we walked underneath the fourth avenue underpass. we were behind a group of bros, and he stopped to let them go further ahead. we took advantage of the moment to hug, and then he leaned into kiss me. we grinned at each other before heading back to his car. in an alleyway near his car, he pulled me off to the side and we made out in the dark for a few minutes. then we were on our way to his apartment.

his cat was adorable. i played with her for a few minutes while he cleaned up his couch and started pulling off his tie. i helped him take it off completely, and then we were kissing kissing kissing on his couch. i asked him, very subtly, if he had a bed. he laughed and asked if that was a suggestion. we moved to his bedroom and spent three hours making out in the dark. he told me nice things and i told him some back. we laughed and made jokes and it was so, so awesome. when we got into his car to drive me back to my car, it was 2:30. i got home at three. it was the best night and i am hoping we will do it again this weekend.

and that was my date. whee.

current mood: cartoon hearts.

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Thursday, March 24th, 2011
11:09 pm - rumor has it.
so let's see. where was i.

i spent most of november and december mooning over derek. then january came and he met me at the airport! and we hugged for like an hour! and then i kissed him! and then we went back to my place and were cute and cuddly for hours. but then! he woke up the next day with cold feet and things died spectacularly. we were friends. then we were friends with benefits. then we were less than friends. and now we don't talk. yeah. i don't know either. but i spent the rest of january and february sleeping around and am currently in the middle of making a zine about it. because...that's what you do? yeah. i don't know either. but then! i had a ~realization~ that living in pacific northwest wasn't working for me so i moved back to tiny town and may become a substitute teacher?

in short, life is chaos. AND I STILL HAVE NOT GONE TO EUROPE SIGH. it's going to happen before i turn twenty-six. this is ridiculous.

current mood: c'mere.

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Friday, October 15th, 2010
1:16 pm - this time, i'm for real.
so i already posted about this on g*, but oh my gosh i actually started the blog i talked about in the previous entry! there's not a whole lot there yet, but i'm hoping to post about what i'm wearing, eating, and crafting asap. death at one's elbow.

current mood: excited!

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Tuesday, September 7th, 2010
12:24 pm - do you think that's a crime?
i'm really ready for this summer to be over. it's been pretty rough, to say the least. i'm ready for a nice, peaceful fall in which i rebuild my life from the bottom up and get happy again. little goals. you know.

still taking the evan thing pretty hard. i won't lie. at the moment i'm more worried about losing our once-awesome friendship more than us ever getting back together again. although i'd still date him if i could magically go back and do it again, i'd end it way sooner than i did and cut off contact for a good month or two. i know i can't think that way but it happens. i don't know. as much as i'm still devastated, i am looking forward to my next relationship, though i completely admit i'm looking forward to just dating around even more. i have a few prospects lined up for when i get back to the pacific northwest. and a cute apartment that needs to be filled! argh. i want to be there now. being back home has been therapeutic, and it's been awesome to see old friends again, but i'll be happy to leave and get my life going again. theme of the week, apparently,

my birthday is on thursday. i'm getting old. i'm thinking about starting a fashion/cooking/crafting blog. i just need to think of a good domain name. life is just so hard. ha. but yeah. i don't know. i'm still alive, and that's pretty cool or whatever.

current mood: electroclash.

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Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
2:04 pm
lists are always good.

1. laura veirs was totally amazing. she played in what was essentially the basement of an art studio to the "npr crowd" as she called it. she was adorable and pregnant and wore cowboy boots and made cute little self-depreciating jokes in between songs. i can't stop listening to her new album and i kind of want to learn how to play steel guitar now. so good.

2. evan couldn't come down last weekend but he's coming down this weekend. i told steph and bree about everything on monday. they uh, already knew. or guessed. haha. steph and i were driving to trader joe's and i decided to just casually mention something. so i said, "so, has evan uh, ever talked to you about me?" to which she replied, "why? did you two make out finally or something?" i honestly don't know how this whole situation with him is going to go down but for the moment i'm just kind of rolling with it. which feels...very unlike me, but in a good way. blah blah blah, let's just have fun for a while. why not, right?

3. my europe trip got moved back again because i'm pretty much making no money right now. so i'll be going in october-ish now. it's pretty disappointing, i'm not going to lie. but the one good thing is that i'm hoping to start at portland state in the summer now. three semesters of german in like two months! aww yeah. i still need to get back into japanese, i'm getting way rusty.

4. ever since i read about the schnitzelwich at tabor's i have been craving czech food like no other. there are seriously too many amazing food options in this city. i wish i had more money to spend on some of them. pb&j's are great and all, but there are waffles and grilled cheese sandwiches and donuts out there, man!

5. why is gossip girl not on until march? i need chuck bass in my life again! argh.

current mood: weekend nao pls.

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Saturday, January 9th, 2010
3:33 pm
it's been a while.

i am going to go see laura veirs tonight, in portland, where i now live. well, i live across a bridge from portland. and it's technically a part of washington. but none the less. i live in portland now. bree told me about the show and i kind of heard "july flame" once and fell in love so i couldn't say no. it's so weird having roommates but it's nice to be able to go into the living room and snuggle cats and talk about what was posted to feministing recently and watch bree and steph play final fantasy when i get tired of hiding out in my room. there's a bar two blocks away that we like to go to, and a park up the street where we play basketball when it's not raining. it doesn't rain nearly as much as you'd think. i am not working enough to justify anything but i am going to europe in march nonetheless. i told my parents. they were apprehensive yet thrilled. the itinerary is now amsterdam to brussels to berlin to warsaw and i am trying to teach myself german and polish before i go. so far i have found that i roll my r's too much with the latter and i can't remember my numbers in german. i'll get it eventually. there's a rick steves german language class in edmonds, washington on the twentieth of february that i am going to. i'm going to take the train up to seattle and stay with evan because that's where he lives. we are tentatively, possibly "a thing" now. he sent me a message the other night that said simply, "if i had a crush on you, would it be a good thing?" and it's been downhill from there. in a good sense, of course. we talk too much on skype and through texts about important things like mega man and nerdy glasses and how cute my hair is and i want him to visit already so we can figure this out for real. there is talk about martin luther king jr. weekend. it can't come quickly enough. i have kind of stopped eating which is kind of worrisome but i'm starting school at portland state in the fall [fingers crossed at least] and i taught myself to not be afraid of driving on the freeway and basically. things are good. they are just so good. i don't miss tucson very much at all, although watching this video from 0:34-0:50 made me a little homesick. hotel congress and plush and cactus and short sleeves! i'll go back one day, i swear.


current mood: good.

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Monday, October 13th, 2008
4:25 pm

haha, i have never even thrown a party and my first one is hp-themed. how awesome.

current mood: excited and nerdy.

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Monday, October 6th, 2008
9:56 pm
i was looking at my living room today and i realized that i unintentionally decked a room of my house out in gryffindor colors. basically now i can't look around here without thinking i'm in the gryffindor common room. which is...hilariously nerdy. but it made me think that i need to throw a random harry potter party! i could play harry and the potters all night and serve pumpkin beer and force everyone to dress up as a hogwarts student! people could see my house! decorations! knee socks! bad british accents! all only like a year and a half behind the trend! but then i realized that i don't really know a lot of people here anymore, and a lot of the people i do know don't get along with all the other people i know. but that would be so fun. i may just throw it anyway the next time bree and stephanie come to town. even if it's just me, them, evan, and jen, it would be a fun excuse to hang out. and hey, we could always go boarding.

basically i just wanted to write this entry so i would remember this idea later on. whee.

current mood: nerdy glasses on.

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Saturday, October 4th, 2008
11:46 am
yesterday i found out i am about five blocks away from indian food! i walked by it yesterday when my mom and i went to lunch on main gate square. i couldn't believe it! they were even playing om shanti om on their tv's. i was going to order some [i can even get it delivered, says the suburban girl who was never within delivery range for anything but chain pizza] and eat it while watching main hoon na but i settled for trader joe's samosas instead. it was a good choice. the movie was okay. nothing has reached the level of om shanti om or even kal ho naa ho yet though. but shahrukh khan is still amazing. god bless that man, he needs to pop up in every movie from now on and make it ten percent more adorable.

today is autumn celebration day! well, for me anyway. i am making stew and homemade bread and homemade apple pie tonight and watching multiple episodes of gilmore girls and lighting pumpkin candles and reading the blue castle because today is supposedly going to actually feel like fall. i need to start making dough though, i got up late today and am way behind. ah, autumn. i heart you.

eta: i go to bed at night listening to the downtown trains and wake up in the morning to the campus bells ringing out [i can hear them two blocks away!]. i really, honestly love my house.

current mood: ready to start baking.

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Monday, August 25th, 2008
4:43 pm
number of days at university completed: one.

the best part of the day was walking to class while it sprinkled to the soundtrack of a steel drum band playing gangster's paradise in the underpass. welcome to higher education!

current mood: whee.

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Monday, August 18th, 2008
11:48 pm
hey dudes. guess where i'm posting from.

that's right. my apartment.

in celebration, i give you bollywood: now with eighty percent more rhythmic tennis dancing!

eta: so i am going to wake my neighbors up with my laughter over this discussion i'm reading about bob costas' fake love for michael phelps but it is awesome. "GO HOME COSTAS, YOU'RE DRUNK!" yes i needed to edit this post to say this.

current mood: WIN.

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Thursday, July 31st, 2008
10:55 am
last night i dreamt that gosselin six from john and kate plus eight were related to me for some reason and i was helping out with watching them at this family reunion party thing and i ended up talking a lot with this guy who was sort of related to me but not really at all and i said something like, "oh i've always wanted to kiss someone who has just eaten a bunch of limes" and he was like, "okay then" and kissed me. he looked like a cross between jake gyllenhaal and joseph fiennes and at one point i remember pulling him into a dark hallway and making out with him and feeling very scandalous because my family was in the next room.

this dream raises many questions, some of which include:
a. is there a better combination of attractive men than jake gyllenhaal and joseph fiennes?
b. why does my subconscious continue to throw attractive men into my dreams? too often i am making out with attractive dudes in my dreams and although that's...nice, it sort of makes things complicated for me in a number of awkward ways!
c. why did he have to be almost related to me? that's creepy, psyche!

in short, making out with attractive men in dreams is nice, but it's not making out with attractive men in real life and it brings on questions and lj entries once i'm awake. also, FEELINGS DREAMING IS BORING, KISSING IS AWESOME.

current mood: sing a new song, chiquitita

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Monday, June 23rd, 2008
10:44 pm
last night i had a dream that i finally talked to brett again and i was crying because i was sad that i never got to tell him about george takei getting married. sigh. seriously, this sort of stuff needs to stop happening. it has been like two years since i've even talked to him now. why is my subconscious still hanging onto him? argh.

i am listening to badly drawn boy and it's making me want to wear track jackets and watch about a boy ["it was terrible! terrible! but driving really fast behind the ambulance was fantastic!"] . and bridget jones' diary, for no reason at all. i went out for ice cream with a coworker tonight and we saw some girl running around with no pants on in front of cold stone. teenagers. but the point is. isn't it weird how you make friends when you don't really mean to or want to?

i am going to have a housewarming party at my new place sometime in august and i am already thinking about what i could make. at the moment, i am all about scones and kim chi. hopefully, this will change.

current mood: do do do do do.

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
12:56 pm
omg omg omg.

also, ira glass in coming in may, and i'm seeing david sedaris in like two weeks. it's like an npr/theater geek's dream come true! but seriously, it's patty! ilu, patty. you too, of course, mandy, but omg. amazing.

current mood: fabulous.

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Thursday, June 12th, 2008
7:52 pm

i am having a very jessie spano kind of day. minus the pills, of course. whatev.

current mood: NO TIME!

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Friday, June 6th, 2008
11:03 pm
i think i am in love with the guy who plays tiberius gracchus in this bbc/discovery channel miniseries about ancient rome. sigh. go on out there and campaign for the common people and work it, tiberius. the senators may assassinate you but you'll always live on in my heart. i love rome. it's like a giant soap opera but with a lot more poisonings and craziness. and it's. all. true.

so i've been working a lot. and that's okay. my job is pretty easy and the pay is decent but i'm not getting a lot of hours so i will probably need to get another job soon. i am having fun while i can though. i've jumped back to my childhood and begun a re-read of all my american girl books. i sort of want to start a blog akin to all the baby-sitters' club reviewers out there [this one is my favorite] so i can talk about poor, doomed marta and hot, hot lars with someone else, but who knows. god i love these books, though, they are amazing.

all the baby quails died. we went outside one morning and they were all just dead and we don't know why. way to be crappy, nature.

current mood: time for bed.

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Friday, May 23rd, 2008
11:45 am

so i took a video of the baby quails. because they were too cute not to video. please excuse my stupid voice.

in other news, isn't awful when you see someone and they're more attractive than you've been remembering them being? damn haircuts.

current mood: baby quails!

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Thursday, May 22nd, 2008
6:23 pm
do you know that it was around seventy degrees in tucson today? with clouds and rain? and it is may? and also may 22 which is morrissey's birthday which i only know about because of this [which i totally want to go to but alas, next year] and not because i am a crazy morrissey stalker? i am celebrating all of these by sitting outside, drinking tea, eating ikea cookies and listening to belle and sebastian. oh, and talking to the birds. a family of quails began raising a family in one of our outdoor garbage cans filled with fallen palo verde leaves and their eggs just hatched yesterday. how cute are baby quails? answer: so cute. i want to take pictures but i don't want to disturb them. but they're like little, hopping, striped puffballs. ADORABLE.

summer school starts on tuesday. C'EST LA VIE.

current mood: unseasonably cold.

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