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do you think that's a crime?

i'm really ready for this summer to be over. it's been pretty rough, to say the least. i'm ready for a nice, peaceful fall in which i rebuild my life from the bottom up and get happy again. little goals. you know.

still taking the evan thing pretty hard. i won't lie. at the moment i'm more worried about losing our once-awesome friendship more than us ever getting back together again. although i'd still date him if i could magically go back and do it again, i'd end it way sooner than i did and cut off contact for a good month or two. i know i can't think that way but it happens. i don't know. as much as i'm still devastated, i am looking forward to my next relationship, though i completely admit i'm looking forward to just dating around even more. i have a few prospects lined up for when i get back to the pacific northwest. and a cute apartment that needs to be filled! argh. i want to be there now. being back home has been therapeutic, and it's been awesome to see old friends again, but i'll be happy to leave and get my life going again. theme of the week, apparently,

my birthday is on thursday. i'm getting old. i'm thinking about starting a fashion/cooking/crafting blog. i just need to think of a good domain name. life is just so hard. ha. but yeah. i don't know. i'm still alive, and that's pretty cool or whatever.
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