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is it wrong not to always be glad?

i am going to write about the date i went on last night.

so justyn and i met on okcupid. which is...standard for me at this point, but i'm having a good time and trying not to judge myself too harshly. ha. we actually messaged each other at the same time, rambling on about the smiths and e.m. forster. he was hilarious and cerebral and charming and i wanted to meet up with him as soon as possible. unfortunately, i was still in bagdad, and wouldn't be in tucson for another week or so. we chatted and flirted often, sometimes spending hours typing away to each other. it reminded me a little too much of derek, but i was proud of myself for not getting too connected. i am learning, i promise.

our flirting only intensified once i got back to tucson. he confided in me that he hadn't been so excited to hang out with someone in a really long time. we decided on last night to finally meet up, at plush on fourth. i wore my black dress with black flats and pearls. it was very audrey. we are both huge audrey fans. he was late, but he showed up wearing a button-up shirt and red tie. i am a huge fan of button-up shirts with ties and thusly forgave him quickly. he bought me two vodka cranberries, and we sat in a booth talking for an hour and a half about politics, vinyl records, and british tv.

once we had finished our drinks, he suggested a walk around downtown. we walked from fourth to the club congress area of town, talking all the way. we circled back around toward fourth after a while. as we waited for the light to change on a street corner, he grabbed my hand. we held hands as we walked underneath the fourth avenue underpass. we were behind a group of bros, and he stopped to let them go further ahead. we took advantage of the moment to hug, and then he leaned into kiss me. we grinned at each other before heading back to his car. in an alleyway near his car, he pulled me off to the side and we made out in the dark for a few minutes. then we were on our way to his apartment.

his cat was adorable. i played with her for a few minutes while he cleaned up his couch and started pulling off his tie. i helped him take it off completely, and then we were kissing kissing kissing on his couch. i asked him, very subtly, if he had a bed. he laughed and asked if that was a suggestion. we moved to his bedroom and spent three hours making out in the dark. he told me nice things and i told him some back. we laughed and made jokes and it was so, so awesome. when we got into his car to drive me back to my car, it was 2:30. i got home at three. it was the best night and i am hoping we will do it again this weekend.

and that was my date. whee.
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